Retrograde Clothing is one of the largest online vintage clothing retailers in Europe. We source our clothing from all over the globe, processing thousands of vintage items every single week and bringing only the best in vintage clothing to you.

Retrograde Clothing started life in the early days of 2012. From a passion for vintage our founder Sam Hunter bought and sold vintage clothing on eBay. That passion lead to a mission to change the vintage clothing market. It was over priced and very opinionated back then. It seemed that the only people who could like vintage were people who liked The Beatles and Oasis. Coming from a punk rock background where fashion was such a big part of the punk statement it seemed crazy that those trends weren’t easily accessible.

Instead of starting a vintage clothing store the old fashioned way by getting a shop and selling crazy looking things that most people use for fancy dress, it was our mission to set up something that everyone would enjoy. Whether you’re a biker a mod or just a guy who likes to wear cool vintage flannel shirts with his pair of vintage Levi 501’s, Retrograde Clothing was and still is the place for everyone.


As cliche as it sounds. We are trying to help our future generations by cleaning the planet and not causing any landfill.


Retrograde processes thousands of vintage clothing items every week and we make it our goal to provide you with only the very best.


We pride ourselves in being one of the most affordable online vintage clothing retailers. We will never over charge you.